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Monday, June 04, 2007

Will it work?

That is the question that arises in the minds of many Catholics as rumors of the Motu Propio that may come out soon(er or later). Will this decree preserve the Church and unite her with those in schism? I'm not gonna lie, I'm in support of the Traditional Mass, but I don't know if the Motu Propio is going to be coming out soon or not.
However, I could be wrong. My good friend Chris, who is Somewhere, has posted on his blog about the Motu Propio quite frequently, most often in the form of copying and pasting the whole article into the post. Well, I'm no better than him, so here's an article from CNA:

Cardinal Bertone announces Latin Mass to be universally authorized “soon”

VATICAN CITY, June 4 (CNA) - In an interview published this Sunday by the
Italian Catholic daily “Avvenire”, the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal
Tarcisio Bertone, announced that the Motu Propio authorizing the universal
celebration of the Mass of St. Pius V—known as the Tridentine Mass—will be made
public “soon.”

During the interview, Cardinal Bertone, said the Motu Propio that would be
signed by Pope Benedict XVI would authorize any priest to celebrate the
Tridentine Mass without the need for prior approval by the local bishop.

The Vatican secretary of State said Catholics “will not have to wait long” for
the publication of the Motu Propio, adding that the Pope “has written an
accompanying letter that explains the reasons for the decision and why he hopes
the authorization will be calmly accepted.”

Cardinal Bertone did not say whether the Motu Propio would open the possibility
for the return to communion with the Rome of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius
X, founded by French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who was excommunicated by the
Vatican on June 30, 1988 after ordaining four bishops without the Pope’s
consent. The cardinal also said the Pope’s letter to Catholics in China would
also be published soon, and that it has “already been approved by the Pope and
is being translated into various languages.

Will this solve all the problems, like fully reuniting the SSPX with the Church of Rome, or bringing back other schismatics? Will it satisfy those people I know at school who would probably rather skip Mass on Sunday than go to a Novus Ordo?

I've decided that later this summer, maybe sooner than later, I will post my Apologetics presentation in defense of the Novus Ordo's validity. Will my comments be outdated by then? Who knows.

Until then, God's will be done.

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