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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another sigh moment

One thing that bothers me about many Catholics is their refusal to listen to the pope or the other members of the hierarchy of the Church. These Catholics fall on both ends of the spectrum. On the one hand, there are Catholics who refuse to submit to the moral teaching of the Church on things like abortion, homosexuality, or attending Mass, not to mention lesser mentioned things like having sex outside marriage, or even things like lying.

They are called "cafeteria Catholics," because like someone in a cafeteria they pick and choose which rules they want to obey.

There are other Catholics, however, who are just as much "cafeteria Catholics" as these more liberal Catholics, only this second group resides on the polar opposite end of the spectrum. They are ultra-traditionalists. Just like the liberals they pick and choose what they want from the Church. They accept the Church's moral rulings, an essential part of what it means to be a Catholic, they hold. They do nt agree, despite their moral leanings, that one has to agree with rulings of the Church, even if they are from a Church Council. Modern ultra-traditionalists more often than not have some qualms with one or more of the rulings from the Second Vatican Council, which was held from 1962 - 1965, and which some traditionalists (not all of them as crazy as the others) say opened the door for liberalism to destroy the Church.

The problems with the two groups of "cafeteria Catholics" is that they refuse to obey the Church. The Church calls them back lovingly, trying to be firm and soft for the lost sheep, but these "cafeteria Catholics" refuse to listen. Like a disobedient child that refuses to sit down and behave, the ultra-traditionalists and the ultra-liberals keep telling Mother Church the same thing heretics have been telling the Church for centuries (note: the following is how one of my history professors in College described the heretical reaction). Heretics keep telling the Church: "No, no, no, you just don't understand." "You're wrong, Church," the heretics, ultra-traditionalists, and ultra-liberals cry. "If you ran the Church our way we would be members, but you won't. Until you see the light, we aren't gonna listen to you." Then a spiritual middle finger is thrown in the face of the Holy Father, and the offenders walk away.

It keeps happening. Look at this article.

It is sad, it is shocking, and it is true. The Church will always have her dissenters within, and we must stand against them, but one wishes, not to sound so fuzzy, that we could all just get along. By that, I mean I wish everyone would be in full communion with the Church and not damn themselves to Hell just because they want it their way on earth.

There is something greater than our comfort at stake.

Pray for them. They need it.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Thesis update

Oh my GOSH!

Well, the rough draft was due today, and unlike certain philosophy majors I know, I turned it in on time. That's right, I turned in the dragon thesis on the day that it was due. What makes this an amazing feat? Its . . . . .

72 pages long, plus a 4 page Bibliography.

So that's a big deal, I think. I mean, 72 pages is a pretty good sized thesis.

Still have three more papers and teaching this semester. Hopefully that will go well too.