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Monday, June 25, 2007

Ryan and my parish

Well, we've lost another to the big golden ring. Ryan has been wed to Maria. The execution took place on Saturday, and they could not have been happier. Ryan had that ridiculously goofy grin that paints his face when life goes his way. Maria had that delighted smile that I'm sure Ryan fell in love with weeks before I even knew who she was. The wedding was beautiful. The reception was great. Everything was lovely, and for a moment everything was going great.
I had to leave the reception early. The next day was the 50th anniversary Mass for my Parish. The Main celebrant was Archbishop Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington. It went well enough. There wasn't anything too shocking. Nothing spectacular either. My mom had tried to bring about some traditional, well, not even traditional, just bare-bones what the GIRM requires, things back to the parish for the Mass, and she was shot down.


So it went well enough, as I said. I've determined what my church's sanctuary looked like before the liturgical changes. Its my pleasure to announce that, as far as I can tell, the altar of sacrifice still used to this day is the same one used in the past 50 years. Rather than blowing out the altar and tearing it out of the wall, moving it closer, as had been done in other places, the people who re-did the inside of my church just blew the wall out. . . and built it up again. Rather than moving the altar, they moved the back wall. The tabernacle had not been in the previous wall; rather it was more or less sitting on the altar, and put into the back wall after the new construction.

That made me smile.

So Ryan and Maria's life together has begun (and will continue, mind you. Marriage isn't one of those one day things), and my Parish continues, soon with a new pastor. Hopefully everything will go better with him than with Fr. De, but you never know. If not, it will give me something to blog about.

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