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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

July 7th

Is this reliable? Will it happen?

Expected Motu Proprio to be published July 7, German newspaper announces

.- Pope Benedict XVI intends to publish his Motu Proprio liberating the Mass of St. Pius V on July 7, 2007 announced today the Vatican correspondent for the German newspaper Die Welt, Paul Badde.

Badde reported today that Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, presented a copy of the Motu Proprio universally liberating the Tridentine Mass to some 30 bishops from different countries at the Sala Bologna of the Apostolic Palace.

Die Welt’s correspondent only mentions that Cardinal Karl Lehmann from Germany was one of the bishops attending the meeting, which ended with a one-by-one greeting to the Holy Father.

The 3-page long document, signed by Pope Benedict XVI, comes with a letter of explanation about four pages long. The publication of both documents will take place on July 7th.

According to Badde, the letter emphasizes the unity of the Roman Rite, which from now on will have to forms, an “ordinary” and an “extraordinary,” supposed to inspire each other.

The ordinary form will continue to be the Post-Vatican rite; while the extraordinary will be the Missal used until 1962 and written according to the norms established by Pope St. Pius V and confirmed by the Council of Trent –thus the name “Tridentine.”

Ok, this one deals with the Mass. The question is, is this report reliable? And why July 7th?

July 7th is a Saturday. There is no feast on the New calender that day. However, on the Traditional calender (if you go by that one) it is the feast of Cyril and Methodius, great apostles to Moravia, Bohemia, and Bulgaria. It is also the feast, historically, of Blesseds Ralph Milner and Roger Dickenson, who died in 1591, both martyrs of the English persecution. Check here for more saints of that date.

So the questions remain. But should we get so excited about this? Will it change anything?


  1. Go by both calendars. Be a true fence sitter.

  2. Well, I guess we have our answer. It came, and was not exactly what any of us expected.