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Thursday, June 14, 2007

More Good and Bad news

You'll be happy to know that this has nothing to do with Ireland. I know you guys are getting sick of it.

So I had my sister order a 500GB external hard drive for me from Overstock.com, a really good site normally. Well, it came yesterday. I was really excited as I opened the box.
There was the hard drive, light and the size of a book, just as described;
There was the cord that plugs into the computer itself;
There were even little sticky pads to help keep the thing from sliding around on the desk.
Exciting eh? Well, there was one thing missing.
When you have an electronic thing such as an external hard drive, it usually comes with a cord to plug it into a wall. Electronics that require more voltage, such as laptops or hard drives, have 2 parts to their power cords, one part plugs into the electronic piece itself, the other part connects the wall to the adapter, thus to the electronic device. The part that plugs into the hard drive itself was in the shipped box.

The part that plugs into the wall was not. Rather it was one for a different machine. The two parts did not fit together.

So I told Emily she needs to return it, which she is willing to do. But first, I'm gonna search around work to see if we here have anything that works. I'm hoping we do.

I'll keep you updated.


  1. Oh sad day! That would drive me nuts to be that close to awesome and have it yanked away! I'm sad for you. Oh, and I updated my blog. Mostly due to your urging.

  2. Dude, you can probly get what you need at Radio Shack or someplace similar. It's alot easier (and less expensive) than RMA.

    God Bless.