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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Montauk Monster?????

You may remember back last summer I posted about a creature that washed up on the shores of a beach in Montauk, New York. I believe the post was here. Long story short, some young people found a creature washed up on the shore. They took some pictures, and soon the whole thing became an internet sensation. So much so that even I had to post on it. So much so that the cable news stations picked it up (ok, to be fair, a dog has to sneeze funny, and it makes the cable news, but still, focus people). So much so that MONSTERQUEST mentioned it in a recent episode involving the Jersey Devil. You may remember me talking about the episode. I believe it was here.

No? Do you even read this blog?

More important than that though, is that they found ANOTHER MONTAUK MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At least, that is how it seems. There is video, and pictures, and, better yet, the body. That's right, the people who found this one thought ahead and have preserved the body in a cooler of ice. Hopefully someone somewhere will be willing to do the DNA tests (it turns out the other body was "stolen" before anyone could get the DNA needed for a test.

Oh, alright. Here's a picture of the thing. Pretty damn ugly, if you ask me.

It does look a lot like the monster from last year, although it does have an uncanny resemblance to the descriptions of the aliens from the CCB 2008 (look it up on YouTube, if you so desire). Also, check out the official Montauk Monster website. Its pretty sweet.

I'll try to post any developments as they emerge.

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