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Thursday, February 26, 2009


So, if you have been following this blog at all (Ok, that might not be fair, but anyway), you know that I am a HUGE MonsterQuest fan. So you know when I say I am not happy with the direction an episode takes, or if I think an episode is odd, you know I mean it.

Right? No? Bueller?


The point behind MonsterQuest (at least, I felt, the first season's purpose) is to investigate stories of sightings of cryptids (hidden animal creatures, like Bigfoot, Nessie, and the ilk). Season One was very interesting, and there were several episodes where some evidence was found, either for or against the cryptid's claim. Even the one episode that was kinda lame that season, the Rods episode, was interesting, and I feel that they did a good job disproving the claims made by Rod supporters. Eitherway, the show focussed on Cryptozoology and investigations in that field.

Season Two was also very interesting, although some of the episodes were not really in the same field as others (the Super Rats one was more humorous than suspenseful episodes). This was also the season that broke from the search for hidden animals (Cryptozoology) into a more paranormal world. This was shown in two episodes, one dealing with Ghosts and one dealing with Vampires. Even those episodes, however, had exact targets (or prey, if you will) that the investigators were hunting. They were looking for ghosts in that house. They were looking at a particular person to see if they were a vampire. There was still the immediate hunt.

Season Three, at least so far, as broken the trend a bit. The second episode this season deals with Cattle Mutilations, the strange phenomenon of cows and other livestock randomly appearing overnight in fields, cut open with particular organs removed, almost as if a person did not do it. An interesting phenomenon, yes, but not one that deals with Cryptozoology in particular. And, for the first time, there was not an exact prey. They were not hunting an exact creature, but were more just looking at mutilations and wondering what they were and what caused them. An interesting idea for UFO Hunters, another show on History, but not MonsterQuest.

Also disappointing, though now I'm just being picky, deals with last night's episode dealing with the New Jersey Devil, who has been around for about 250 years. They tried to connect the NJ Devil, which looks like this:

with the Montauk Monster, which I posted about earlier on this blog, back in August. The Montauk monster looks like this:

As you can see, it doesn't exactly look like the Jersey Devil. In fact, it doesn't look much like it at all.

So I ask MonsterQuest, "WHY? HOW?"

Sigh. I guess I'm just being picky. I'm still gonna watch the show though. The next episode is about Alligators in Sewers. Fun.


  1. Didn't we watch an X-Files about the Jersey Devil, and didn't it look nothing like either of those pictures?