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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Break (and a minor rant)

Well, here I am. On Spring Break. At home.


My sister Clare has just been confirmed. She took the name Philomena, which means she has completely taken over my birthday with her feast days. Stinks. But anyway, this is a joyous occasion, because she now is filled with graces that many people in this country do not have and will not get for several years. I am refering to the horrible trend throughout the country of dioceses pushing confirmation ages later and later, some waiting until the confimande are 16, others refusing to allow the sacrament on those under 18. Yet what does that lead to, but hundreds of youth unready for the world, shoved into it without the graces of the great sacrament of Confirmation.

Enough of that rant though; that is for another time.

So I have more stuff to read, namely to catch up on my Von Balthasar reading for Historiography, read some Agrarian stuff (knda not the most excited about that, but at least it doesn't look to hard to read), go over some of my books for the Apologetics presentation (ahh), and still keep sane.

Break. Right.

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  1. JMJ

    Go Ibid...you got that one right...hmmmmm:) wonder why:P