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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Holy. . .

I leave this title unfinished for whoever to fill in with their desired conclusion. I found out something interesting today. But first, some backstory. . .

My little brother tried out for the JV baseball team at his school (he didn't make it, but that's not important right now). but in order for him to try out he had to sell a certain amount of tickets for this raffle. Ok, its a raffle of sorts. Your number isn't drawn from a hat. Its based on the "Pick Three" Maryland Lottery each night. Whatever number they draw, thats the number for the night. For weekdays the winnings are $50, but on Saturday the winnings are $200. Well, for those who haven't guessed where I'm going, I won last Saturday (St. Patrick's day, of all days), thus winning $200. Well, my mom told me that earlier today, when I called her. Well, she just called me like an hour ago, and said I won for tonight. I looked myself, and lo and behold, the winning number is mine. But not only that, the number is the same one that won me the $200.

I think my prayers at the beginning of the year for God to help me with my money needs has been answered.

And I've got all the things I need to write up my Apologetics presentation. The Play's this weekend. I'm excited. Are you excited?

Things are coming together.

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