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Friday, October 27, 2006


If the amount of sleep you get because of juggling things, trying to fit everything into your daily life, is the measure of the effort put in, than I'm probably the most laid back person on this Rome campus. I try to get as much sleep as I can. When studying, if I start dozing off for periods of at least 10 minutes while reading my notes, which, although they are extremely boring, are rather simple and straight to the point, if you're into that thing. If you go to Christendom, you must have at least seventeen metaphors in your notes, and more on your tests. I'm kidding of course.

We are finishing up the midterm cycle (which has now taken almost a month) with an Art and Architecture paper due on Monday, and an Italian test on Tuesday. Italian is my worst subject. I think I have a C, more likely a C-. I'm just not grasping it, probably because of the whole reccommended 15 minutes a day that are reccommend for outside studying. I always forget, or at least have something that takes the time away from me. In other words, my Italian studying stinks and I'm in deep dog poop.

However, the weekend after this extravaganza of fun things is a longer one, so more rest can be enjoyed. It will be nice.

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