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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


We had four dogs in our house at once, two black labs, one Golden Retriever (thats my sister Emily's dog) and a daschund, named Luci. Luci was nearly fifteen years old (she would've reached that age on November 18th) and had been in our family for that long. Being that age, an extremly old age for a daschund, she was weak, along with natural ailements, and we knew her time to go was coming. She almost died during the summer, when my little siblings and I forgot to bring her in on a hot day, and she nearly died of heat exhaustion. We managed to revive her just in time, and she continuted going on. Well, time keeps going, and time was against Luci. She died last night, in her sleep. She was buried in our backyard, a parting for a dear member of my family.
I am relieved that I was not there for the death, because back during the summer, when she almost died, I could barely handle it. I know I wouldn't have acted like a big brother if I had been there when she actually died. So I am happy I was hear, across the ocean. And yet, I kinda wish I could've said goodbye, or something.
I know that dogs don't have souls like we do, and when they die, that's it, and all that human nature jazz, but one of the things that pets are for is to give pleasure to their owners. Yet when a pet is that close to you, you feel the loss harder, like it was a human friend. That is something even the staunchest Thomist would agree upon.

So goodbye Luci. May your memory live on in the stories we tell of you, for that indeed is your immortality.

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