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Friday, October 13, 2006

More Pictures

Since Blogger only has so much memory per post (should've known that) I could not put all the pictures up that I wanted to. SO. . .

Here are the rest

These are the nuns we hung out with. They were nice, but they spoke Italian and no English, and we speak English and extremely little Italian, so that was interesting.


The Talk went on for a while, and we had to sit there and wait through all the languages. . .

And Wait. . .

And Wait. .

But eventually he finished and everyone was happy, for then the Pope would drive by. So we pressed ourselves against the gate, to the dismay of all the Italians behind us, and got to, at long last, touch the Holy Father. What a moment, looking at him and his hand as he drove by us. It was truly wonderful.

Sam switched Pope hats with the Pope, and Andrew gave him a can of orange soda, his favorite drink. Both of these things were searched first by the guard people, but all was well. Why would we want to kill our Pope?

So that was a fun adventure, and I hope to have more while I'm here. But I only have so much time.

I should really remember to write in my journal. Posterity needs it.

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  1. Oh man! These pictures are awesome. Please, please, please keep posting more pictures. I love them!