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Friday, October 13, 2006

The Pope Pictures

Sorry about the rushedness of the previous posts. I have little to no time to do anything, much less keep up my blog. Here are some pictures from that epic event, that Wednesday audience when we Christendom (or Christiendom, or Christtendedum) students attendend. I am indebted to Nicole, who so kindly put her pictures on the internet for all to see/take and put on their blogs.

Here is the pope driving by us as we were going to reach out and touch him

Here is us just sitting around, doing the whole waiting thing

Here's St. John the Baptist playing Basketball with the Moon. I think it turned out really cool

Jen and Joe (Ambrose to most people) were sitting to my right, so they are the blunt of many of my pictures. I give them their well deserved love in featuring them here, in their splended "I've been up since 5 thjis morning waiting around for the pope" glory

Here is Sam talking with one of the nuns who were our sitting mates.

They also had been there for a while. They also were pushed around by the Italian women (who, when it comes to the pope, get very touchy). We were like a band of brothers. Ok, not really. . .

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