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Saturday, September 29, 2007


There are a sick mess of weddings in 2008. I actually know some of the people getting married this time too.

In February, my cousin is getting married. I'm gonna be going home from there. I don't have any special part in the wedding party or anything with the after party. But thats only the first one.

In March, Nick is getting married. He asked me to be one of the groomsmen, which is really cool. I said yes, of course.
What kind of person do you take me for.

Sometime later Jen and Joe are getting married. I'm the DJ for their after party (I'm getting paid $25 in food).

There are a couple other ones, but those are the three I'm most concerned with.

Makes me want to get a girlfriend.


  1. Medusa's willing. She's so pretty you'll have to wear shades.