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Monday, June 28, 2010

A new company

Need some photos taken? I mean GOOD photos taken? Newly engaged? Getting married? Um, desperate for someone special, and want the most AWESOME profile picture ever?

Look no further than Colin Mason Photography. Colin brings with each shot years of camera experience, involving both still and video cameras. Each shot, as the portfolio shows, demonstrate an artistic vision rarely seen for such affordable prices.

Check him out at http://www.colinmasonphoto.com. At the very least, you get to look at awesome photos.


Need some videos shot, as in, not with a gun? Then talk to the guys at Mirandum Pictures. Yes, these are the same guys I work with to produce some rather interesting short films. As movie lovers, they know film making inside and out. They aim for quality and bring it to everyone, not just the people who shell out $5000 per day for a high quality video. With Mirandum Pictures, it's affordable quality video. Always. Great video, great price. No matter what you need, they should be able to fit the bill. Check them out at http://mirandumpictures.net.

As these two companies mature, I'll update you. Both have links for questions if you have any inquiries.

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