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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Random thoughts

I noticed that most of the most recent blog posts have been of a religious nature (minus the immediately previous one). I never intended that to be the case. Religion was to be one of the topics of discussion, but it was by no means to be the central point of posting. Hence this post. It is a post concerning several things, to bring back the randomness of the blog, and thereby reaffirm its AWESOMENESS!

Topic I - The upcoming elections
I have remained silent on political matters simply because they are not what excite me (albeit, I haven't really posted on what does excite me, but that's besides the point). Politics is too corrupt and confusing, filled with muddy waters and depressing disappointments as promises are broken. Plus the two main candidates, BO and JMC, really don't appeal to me. I definitely don't want BO to win such a seat of power, with his sly charms and tricky workaround answers to problems, nor do I really want JMC, who doesn't seem to have much to offer either. BO will probably win (one of my friends noted that BO's followers still love him even when he walks all over them) and all us conservatives are going to cry themselves to sleep. However, even if JMC wins, we conservatives will cry, for he is not very conservative, even though he is supposed to represent the relatively conservative party. The conservative candidates, it seems, are to be found in third parties only, not in the major ones. At work, the majority of my coworkers lean on the BO side side of things, and see JMC as the stupider of the candidates. However, BO does tend to tug on people's hearts with his elegant words. Why else would he admit to his adoring supporters in Lansing, Michigan that there is nowhere he would rather be on his birthday (it was his birthday that day) than Lansing, Michigan?

We'll see what I do come election time.

Topic II - Classroom management
For those of you who have not heard, I am one of the newest employees of Mt. Calvary Parish Catholic School in Forrestville, MD. I am the new 6-8th grade Language Arts teacher, in charge of teaching the future how to read, write, and speak the English language.

Its a pretty steep task.

My classroom is an ugly shade of sea green, with matching shades. I am working on making the classroom look cooler, hanging posters, etc. Maybe, if you're nice, I'll post pictures. . .

Hmm, this isn't very random. Maybe I'll think of something else later.

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