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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dragons on the brain

There is a very good reason why I'm obsessed with dragons right now. My English thesis (that's right, I'm writing a second thesis; it comes with the territory of double majoring) is on dragons. Specifically it deals with Germanic dragons, the dragons most people are familiar with in Western literature, and how modern good dragons are not really Germanic dragons but rather are a new type of dragon, an American dragon.

Yes, I took the name from the show on Disney channel.

So anyway, I have dragons on the brain. I even turned the word into a verb.

Dragon: v. To hoard or hog something, such as gold or books. I can't believe Matt Rose dragoned all the books on dragons. That jerk.

So now you can dragon.

I also took pictures of my dragon Ol' Blue Eyes. I got Ol' Blue Eyes for Kris Kringle this past Christmas. Here they are:

As you can see, Ol' Blue Eyes is dragoning my thesis books.

Dragoning again.

So Ol' Blue Eyes seemed so interested in my thesis topic that I decided to put him to good use.

So those are the dragon pics. I can almost guarantee that I will post on my thesis again.

"On that you can rely."

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  1. I like the photos. They're very 'bloggy.'