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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I finally got my blog rated. I must say, I'm kinda disappointed. I was hoping for a higher rating. Apparently my blog only rates a G.


Like kid movies.

So I need to make my blog edgier. So, shock the censors. . .


Of all my woes in life,
death is among the grimmest,
for even loosing one's very limbs,
does not appall in the slightest.
Only body soul seperation,
causes death and horrid constipation,
No wait, you don't need to worry
about those things that we all hurry
to avoid at all dire cost,
and kill ourselves when at a loss.

well, lets see what that does. I'll comment on the results.
as does


  1. I don't feel like changing the side bar, but I'm now rated. . .


    Look out little kids.

  2. I still beat you. That's what I get for being metaphysical.

    I haven't yet decided whether or not to post it, but my blog won an R, for excessive discussion on the four last things. ;)

  3. I didn't know blogs were rated. Does blogspot rate them automatically based on the words they contain? My blog's gotta be at least a PG-13, what with all the violence in our stories.