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Thursday, January 04, 2007

What to look forward to

A new semester is coming up, and I'm in a mood to write things. What kind of things you ask? Well, here are some of my ideas for interesting things to write, either on the blog or in the Rambler:

Heard that the Civil War was simply an attack against the South? Heard Lincoln was a stupid, illogic nut? Maybe you've heard that the Vatican recognised the CSA as a country, and therefore the war should have stopped at that point? All these and more will be discussed in my essay/ writing thing "The Civil War: Myths and Facts."
In a related theme, I will also discuss the phenomenen of the "South Will Rise AGAIN" people

At the turn of the 20th Century there was a flourishing in writers who, though they perferred different genres of literature, approached the art with a Catholic (or at least a High Anglican) approach, bringing Catholic culture to mainstream audiences. Dr. Schwartz called this movement, in his book of the same name, the "Third Spring." I will examine if this trend is occuring again in today's world, and if this movement, if it does really exist, could have its foundations in our college campus.

Also there will be parts (hopefully) of my long awaited examination of the four types of love.

Expect as well more creative pieces and hopefully movies of art, drama, and maybe a few laughs as well.


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  1. Hey, did you ever write that examination of the four types of love? I read at least part of Lewis' book. Interesting stuff.