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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beating the dead horse of abortion part 1

I love to beat dead horses. I find it easy and fun, and with luck, my word-based beating rod will flay and flail about over the selected carcass. I do this with all sorts of issues, mostly because people don't seem to realize the horse is dead. Isn't that the reason to beat a dead horse? Such beatings only occur when one party (either the viewer or the beater) does not realize the horse is dead.

This is the case with abortion, a horse which for some reason needs to be beaten on an almost daily basis.

With January 22, the anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade and the annual March for Life fast approaching, it is time once again to post posts of a pro-life persuasion. This year the focus is theological to a degree, although the issue of abortion transcends theology. This year’s focus is also political, as the subjects of my examination are political figures who have shamelessly and scandalously dealt with the issue of abortion.

Unfortunately for the world, not just our country, there are several high-ranking political figures here in America who have taken a supportive stance on the issue of abortion (it is interesting to note that these figures have moved beyond the pro-choice view of abortion; their support is no longer in defense of choosing but rather a radical and disturbing defense of even the most unnecessary abortive procedures). Our president, most regrettably, is pro-abortion, as are most of his political allies, each one a symbol of troublesome party politics. It pains the Catholic commentator to see so many of his brothers and sisters in Christ, his fellow Roman Catholics, have broken away from Christ and His Church because they are persistent in their immoral political beliefs. Although a point-by-point counter to the political theories for each individual lawmaker would be a great undertaking, it is beyond the scope of this series of posts. What will be discussed are rather scandalous statements involving the Church and abortion from Catholic politicians who should know better.

The main focus of this series will be the two immediate successors to President Obama should anything happen to him in office: Vice President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. These two figures are high ranking, highly influential politicians who have sought to destroy the pro-life cause, and in the process have stated rather scandalous statements involving the Church and her stance on abortion. Though the main statements we will examine were offered almost 2 years ago, it is still appropriate to examine these political ramblings, as they are still supported to this day.

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