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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's Goin On

It has been over a month since I posted last. You would think with all the time I have, I would be doing things like posting blog posts or something productive.

Instead I job search.

But it’s ok if I don’t get a job. I did the math. I have enough in my account to pay off loans for the next 12 months, even if I don’t get any more income during that time.

I also have enough to start graduate school. But not at some really expensive school, mind you. No, I’m gonna get my masters from the Notre Dame Graduate School. No, not the fighting Irish. I’m going to attend the Graduate School of the College, where I went for my BA. I can only get the Masters in Theology, but there is a type of theology called Systematic Theology that’s kinda like a history/theology combo. Basically, as its name suggests, it sets down the truths of the faith in a “systematic” way, that is, orderly and following upon one another. Hence the emphasis of history. The record of history shows one even happening after the other. Church History shows the beliefs of the church developed and explained in time. Studying Patristics (the Church Fathers) allows the student to see the first men to really set down the beliefs of the Church, as well as looking at them in a historical context. Remember that the great anti-heretical definitions that we take for granted in today’s Church (the Nicene Creed, for example) are the result of Churchmen reacting to heresy.

So that’s what I’m studying. If I set it up right, I can finish in two years.

Its cheap too, did I mention that? One course (not credit hour, but course) at NDGS is $975. That’s about as much as a credit hour is at a big-time university.

Tell you all what. Check out the details at the graduate school’s website. If you are curious, I’m taking courses this Fall in Patristics, Holy Spirit and Ecclesiology, and Old Testament.

Three more announcements, please, everyone sit down.

I have joined a Young Adult softball team with other Young Adults from the Archdiocese of Washington. We are H. O. T. Y. A. M (Holy is Our Team Young Adult Ministry) and we are undefeated after three games. We won our first one, tied our second, and won our third. They are epic games, real nailbiters usually. Anyone around DC on Sundays for the rest of the summer should wander around all those ball fields (where the cricket players play) and look for a game. A good time is had by all.

Those crazy movie makers at Mirandum Pictures are at it again. Another short is in the works. I’m helping again, an opportunity I could not turn down. It’s an interesting little short, and they want extras, so if you’re in Front Royal sometime between August 4 and August 15, check it out.

On a related note, I’ve put a bunch of my movies made in college on You Tube, as promised. Check them out here.

And finally, check out the latest website for the Population Research Institute. They are trying to appeal to college-aged people, attempting to spread the word that OVERPOPULATION IS A MYTH! Some people still think this is the case (aka, the people running this country), and the word has to be heard. So watch the video, look around the site, and share it with others.

That’s all I got today. If you have any questions, please see me after class.

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