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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

MCing "Midnight" Mass

I'm MCing "Midnight" Mass at my parish. I say "Midnight" because the Mass is actually at 7:30 pm, but will have the Midnight readings, etc. And I'm MCing it. It won't be the first Mass I've MCed at my parish (I did it for the Corpus Christi Mass and procession last year), but it will be the first I've done without Fr. C, who's a bastion of tradition, a great priest, and rather willing to let me serve Mass like at the College.

Fr. S is a little more apathetic, so maybe I'll be able to MC a good Mass on Christmas as well.

So here's my reason for posting: Any Suggestions? I want to have the Mass be the most beautiful it can be. I have a limited idea of what fits well at a Christmas Midnight Mass.

Well, let the suggestions begin!

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