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Friday, November 16, 2007

Paper Time

One of the key reasons i started up this blog was to share pictures of my adventures in Rome with my mom. That reason, in cause you haven't actually been reading this thing, has come and gone. Now its more of a venue for me to vent my stress at everything, be it school work or how stupid the world is, as well as give you guys a taste of my creative mind.
So I come to you again, fair readers, to say that I am stressed again. This time it is not my thesis (I got an A- on the rough draft, by the by) which I have almost perfected. Rather, what makes my adrenaline rise are the papers I must write.

And Write

And Write

And did I mention Write?

Writing and reading are basically what I'm majoring in. English and History do not lend themselves to light intellectual discussions and that sort of cramming for tests. Rather, the heavy weight is how well you can write a paper. Its like a mini thesis, or a thesis is like a huge paper.

Except this time I have 5 papers in two weeks.

This Tuesday, before we start Thanksgiving break, I have my English Novel paper (10-12 pages) and my Immigrant Church paper (also 10-12 pages). The week we return from break, I have my English Renaissances Literature paper due on Tuesday, my Communist Revolution paper due on Wednesday, my thesis' final draft due on Thursday, and my Literary Criticism paper due on Friday.

Holy Hand Cramp Batman!

So yeah, I've got my work cut out for me. Oh, and I must stay caught up in my reading for the classes. Don't worry though, its only 100 pages or so to read every other night. While juggling papers. Add on that that I have to remain alive, and I'm in an interesting situation.

I blame society.

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