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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Thesis and high blood pressure

You know, with the history of high blood pressure and heart problems in my family, one would think I would avoid such things that could endanger my heart's wellbeing or raise my blood pressure, that is, stress me out. Yet I love fattening foods, and I decided to double major.

Ah double majoring. It probably wouldn't be as bad if I had not picked History and English as my majors, the two majors notorious for their excessive amount of reading required even to pass.

And to make matters worse, its thesis time. That's right, I decided (somehow) that I would write my thesis in a week and a half, coming back from fall break. That is, I would write 35 pages or so next week.

Unfortunately, I forgot to factor in a major speaker, Medieval Fest, and generally struggling to keep up with work and the thesis. I have been working on reading ahead in my books for school. This week I've finished two books and started another one.

I'm not in the fall plays, but its time for my HELL WEEK!!!!!!!!!!

Fratres, Orare pro me.

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  1. Oh, goodness, Matt! What were you thinking? I remember how stressed I was for like three months. And you have all that in one week??? You'll be in my prayers.