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Monday, May 07, 2007


Finals time is here. Which means we must take finals.

Finals: From the Latin finalius, meaning for "end"

Used in a sentences: "My Finals are gonna kill me."

I've got three down. The first being the Apologetics presentation mentioned earlier, defending the validity of the Novus Ordo Missae. The next two were today. Early in the morning I had Shakespeare's Histories and Tragedies, which I feel went well. Then there was Modern Philosophy. That hurt. I mean, that felt like I was being punched like no other. It was terrible. I answered everything, but I know I didn't get full credit for a single answer.


But that is the past. Now to the future!

I have no exams tomorrow, two on Wednesday, and one on Thursday. That one on Thursday is a Seminar, so that should be fun.

Maybe later I'll post an actual thought provoking post.

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