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Sunday, December 17, 2006

A story idea

Imagine the world in the not so distant future. Everything is at the paying customer's fingertips. Heck, (not to be crass) even sex has been thrown out for a more personal thing. The person can truly live in solitude, away from everyone if he so choses, not even rising from his super automatic comfy chair, save for one thing: welcoming the occasional poor fool who does not have the luxury of you through your door. Sure you can have the door open once you see who it is via your remote viewing security TV, but then the person must find you. That is where the E-Butler comes in. He answers the door for you, unlocking any natural lock like any normal person would, and then shows your guest to where you are located. You do not even have to control the movements of the machine, it is that advanced. Hurry and buy your advanced copy today. Its only $5000 or 500 euro. Supplies are going fast.

We follow then a salesman, selling this device to those who need it, that is, those who have not yet bought it. There is one house left near where this salesman lives, down an off-beat road, where real hicks live. They do not have those technologies we take for granted, such as instant dinners from the Comfort Chair 2323, or a super cocktail, with real liquour materialized based on the country of the drink's orgin. No, this is a place of a strange man, old and gray, who has in his house something so eccentric that the salesman nearly dies of laughter.

Books. Lots and lots of Books.

"Don't you just have the video book play for you on the screen?"

"I've seen it. It just wasn't the same."

And so a conversation begins, between a salesman and the customer; one will walk away from their encounter changed for the better, and the other will be satisfied that he made the life of another soul easier and more relaxed.

I don't know. I've been playing around with it for the last couple of days. What do you think?


  1. Sounds teh cool!:) I'd read it anyway!:)

  2. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Bah!! Reading books on the video screen is just fine. There a lot easier to 'share.' Also, there are new screens coming out these days that are far more 'paper like,'and less harsh on the eyes. A far reduced flicker.

  3. It sounds really good Matt. Go for or -- or else I will. *Grins*